Caffeine, Nicotine, and Studio Cans


Ghostek - Saudade by ThePhuzz

warrenellis always has the good stuff.

Crap day, sitting around the house now staring paint off the walls.

Even music isn’t doing the trick.

Send asks or something to cheer up an old grumpy bastard…



Analog Waveforms Strikes Back - by HR-FM

Anybody want to fly me to Krakow for a week next month?

Getting supremely tired of living in a state and country that doesn’t want me here.

All day, every day.

All day, every day.


Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross recording and mixing the Gone Girl film score, Los Angeles, 2014. Photos by Rob Sheridan.

The Gone Girl soundtrack is available now in digital formats (CD & vinyl coming Fall 2014). Find it at: direct (lossless + mp3 + CD/vinyl preorder)  |  iTunes (mp3 download)  |  amazon (mp3 download)  |  beats music (streaming)  |  spotify (streaming) 


Final #eurorack configuration before the move.


Final #eurorack configuration before the move.